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Desigual implements digital workplace to transform operations and customer experience

By Rachel Douglass

5 Oct 2021


Image: Yoobic x Desigual

Fashion retailer Desigual has partnered with digital workplace solutions platform Yoobic, on the implementation of a system that aims to streamline operational management and increase in-store compliance for frontline teams.

The development follows the brand’s aim to modernise communication and visual merchandising processes in its store network, ultimately utilising the Yoobic mobile platform to further achieve these requirements. Since its deployment, the retailer has continued to use the platform for other aspects of the business, including stock, finance and marketing.

“We needed a solution that allowed us to centralise our task management and communications across our entire store estate, to ensure the customer experience and ‘look and feel’ of our stores was both consistent and streamlined,” explained Eduardo García de Frutos, head of business operations, in a release.

He continued: “Until then we had been using multiple, manual channels that were labour intensive. Crucially, these didn’t allow for two-way communication between our frontline employees and head office, and meant we weren’t able to capture and analyse the data contained in these transactions.”

The implementation of the digital workplace comes into effect across the company’s 2,700 employees, in a workforce that stretches throughout 107 countries and 10 sales channels. Currently, 500 members of staff are using the Yoobic platform, already completing 35,000 task-based missions, according to the release.

It also reported a reduction in transport costs since the implementation of the mobile platform, due to the increase in virtual shop visits by management.

“Once the team experienced how easy it is to use and began to see the benefits it was extremely motivating to them,” added García de Frutos. “They enjoy having visibility across the network, seeing the innovations in other stores, how their own stores score and working on their action plans to improve on delivering customer experience.

“From a management point of view, this engagement provided invaluable insight from our frontline which in turn helps us streamline processes to constantly improve the environment and experience we provide to our customers.”

Back in 2019, the brand already implemented a number of technological updates into its operations, including the development of an omnichannel system that connected its physical stores with its online retail environments. As a result, its stores were able to provide immersive experiences for its customers, as well as faster points of sale.

Fabrice Haiat, CEO and founder of Yoobic, commented on the partnership: “Desigual is at the forefront of understanding the changing needs of customers and have put digital transformation at the heart of its business. From logistics to stock and workplace management, Desigual understands the role technology - and specifically, tech that empowers the frontline workforce - plays in creating a great customer experience that not only meets shoppers needs in the immediate but keeps them coming back.”