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Dior partners with Snapchat for AR sneaker try-on feature

By Andrea Byrne


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Dior has partnered up with Snapchat for an exclusive augmented reality (AR) experience allowing users to virtually try on sneakers before purchasing them.

In the new AR experience, Snapchat users can test six new pairs of shoes, including Dior’s new B27 sneakers. After trying on the shoes, users can proceed to purchase them through Dior’s profile on Snapchat or the retailer’s website.

Snapchat has a large user base among its millennial and Gen-Z audience and more than 180 Snapchatters use AR features every day.

Geoffrey Perez, head of luxury at Snapchat, said in a statement: “Dior is an incredibly innovative partner. They are one of the very first fashion houses to recognise the added value of augmented reality.

“The way consumers interact with products has changed very quickly due to digitization and Dior has adapted to this very quickly. clothing in augmented reality will determine the user experience and future of social commerce."

Research and advisory company, the Gartner Company, estimates that 100 million consumers will shop in AR online and in-store by the end of this year.

Photo credit: Baas Amsterdam

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