Doddle, the leading provider of click and collect services for consumers with partners such as Amazon, Net-a-Porter and Asos, have launched ‘Powered by Doddle’, a click and collect solution that includes all the software, training, communications and analytics modules retailers need to enhance their own click and collect experience.

The ‘Powered by Doddle’ software supports a set of click and collect processes, including the receipt and storage of parcels, order fulfilment, the handling of expired parcels and paperless returns. The concept aims to leverage the best practices Doddle has in its own stores to streamline retailer click and collect offerings, which it states will improve efficiency, customer service and driving more sales.

The offering also allows retailers to customise their user experience with tailored e-mails, SMS and push notifications, as well as the interface used by staff, meaning that the brand is reflected accurately at each touchpoint. In addition, it also facilitates online order returns, gives access to other retail partners and offers training.

“With ‘Powered by Doddle’, retailers can now benefit from the best practices we have developed by running our specialist network and the two million parcel pickups and returns we have handled. Now is the time to seize the opportunity click and collect presents for their bottom line,” said Tim Robinson, chief executive at Doddle. “With 54 percent of UK consumers now picking up online orders in-store, a best-in-class click and collect service enables retailers to increase revenue, improve internal efficiency and deliver a superior user experience that keeps their customers coming back.”

Doddle’s streamlined user experience has earned the company a Net Promoter Score of 82, for directly improving retailers’ opportunity to increase customer loyalty through an improved click and collect user experience.


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