Luxury label Elie Saab, known for its red carpet gowns, is continuing with its expansion with the opening of its second store in Paris on Avenue George V.

The new 2,583 square foot store, located in a listed Art Deco building, features a new interior design concept for the Lebanese brand, created in collaboration with Denis Montel, architect and artistic designer at the RDAI agency.

The boutique has been designed to showcase the fashion house’s contemporary collection with light being an essential element in the interior concept, with lots of natural light coming through the eight bay windows alongside a light colour palette, marble floors and walls, as well as a 1960s chandelier in brass and Murano glass.

“We designed the interior giving importance to architectural features, and creating a showcase which reveals the femininity of the clothes,” explained Montel.

Other differences to its other store is the way the clothes are presented, instead of the ready-to-wear being presented on mannequins they are showcased “graphically” on metal rods and shelves, along the marble walls.

The aim of the new boutique is to offer a different kind of shopping experience, with projected images, like an animated painting, creating a “vibrant atmosphere” the brand states, as well as one that is more orientated towards its ready-to-wear collection and accessories, with its line of shoes, bags as well as perfumes being more prominently displayed.

Elie Saab added: “I wanted to create a strong architectural identity: a balance between interior design, fluid volumes and retail space that could transcribe an aesthetic in which architecture serves creation.”


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