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Exclusive: Next is the most-visited apparel website in the UK

By Marjorie van Elven

6 May 2019


Next.co.uk is the most-trafficked apparel retail website in the United Kingdom, with 17.13 million visits in March, 29.6 percent more than the month prior, according to web analytics firm SimilarWeb. Asos is the runner up, with 13.7 million visits, followed by Shein, H&M and Matalan.

How the top 10 apparel retail websites in the UK obtain their traffic

All the websites mentioned above saw an increase in traffic in March, except for Shein, which has seen a decrease of 2 million visits compared to February; and Boohoo and Zara, whose traffic has remained the same in those two months.

Most of the traffic received by the top 10 apparel retail websites in the UK is driven by organic visits (when users type the web address directly into the browser) and organic search (when users search for the brand name on a search engine), which is indicative of high brand awareness. The combination of organic and paid search (when brands pay to be above search results) accounts for nearly 38 percent of all visits. Display ads on third-party websites, apps and social media are the third largest contributor of traffic.

In the case of Next, an impressive 94 percent of the traffic comes from organic visits or search, with the rest of the traffic coming from display ads or paid search. For Asos, the proportion of organic traffic versus paid traffic is 84.7 percent to 15.3 percent.

Coming at third place, Shein.co.uk relies heavily on ads: nearly 44 percent of its web traffic is obtained that way. Its drop in traffic may have resulted from decreased investments in advertising.

SimilarWeb also revealed that most UK shoppers prefer to use their mobile to visit these websites. 65 percent of all traffic received by the 10 websites in March came from mobile devices.

Picture: Next.co.uk screenshot