Apple and Google once again dominated the NetBase Brand Passion Report in the UK, which takes a closer look at the brands consumers express the most love for on social media.

While technology brands took the top two spots, there were a number of retailers who made the top 25, including supermarket giant Tesco, which came fourth in the ranking with 111,957 mentions on social media, while sportswear brand Adidas was just below in sixth place, and fashion house Gucci was the top luxury label at number 9.

Other mentions in the list included retailers Marks and Spencer and John Lewis, which took 15th and 16th place on the ranking, respectively. They will joined by Burberry in 19th spot and Rolex which rounded off the ranking at 25.

Consumer goods dominated the ranking with 32 percent of the brands listed, followed by automotive, and technology, with retail coming in fourth place. However, when it came to distribution of UK love by volume of mention the technology brands topped the chart with 58 percent, while consumer goods could only manage 17 percent and retail 7 percent.

The ranking has been gathered from a year of data from April 2016 to April 2017 and analysed 2.4 million mentions across social media.


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