Australian fashion brand Fashion Bunker has announced that—using Nosto’s A/B technology—it has developed a personalized tactic that encourages new online visitors to become 16 percent more likely to make a new purchase.

According to the announcement, the new testing is providing Fashion Bunker with insight to help the company better understand how different personalized experience and content impact the behavior of each visitor to its online store—including the products and brands they’re purchasing.

“Thanks to the new Nosto A/B Testing & Optimization tool, we have managed to gather actionable insights on how different segments of customers respond to different variations of a product recommendation slot,” said James Brown, head of e-commerce & digital at Fashion Bunker, in a statement. “This has allowed us to further think on how we can better personalize shopping experiences for some lifecycle segments who have already ordered from our online store.” The A/B Testing has also allowed the fashion brand to adjust messaging and its overall tone of voice across channels, to better fit each segment’s needs.


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