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Fred Perry opens new Paris store

By Danielle Wightman-Stone



British brand Fred Perry has opened its latest flagship store in the Le Marais district in Paris.

The 1,130 square foot store, designed by architect Buckley Gray Yeoman, is located on Rue Vieille du Temple and has been designed to blend British heritage with Paris street life to act as a destination for arts and culture, as well as a retail space.

The new Parisian store has been created within a stonework carapace located on a prominent corner site. The retail space features a gallery-like plinth of displays to showcase Fred Perry’s latest product and collaboration lines as well as large media screens to display the brand’s projects and history

The architect said in a statement: “Fred Perry regularly host events at their stores and so the designers developed a flexible space for arts, which remains adaptable for the new challenges that face sellers in a complex post-Covid landscape. The new store will therefore be rediscovered time and again as the internal programme changes, replacing the old, static point of sale model.”

There are also nods to the Le Marais district throughout the store, including green and blue painted ductwork and services to match the colours of Parisian street signs.

Images: courtesy of Buckley Gray Yeoman by Nicolás Borel

Fred Perry
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