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Gant enlists Yoobic to enhance employee engagement

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Gant x Yoobic

In a bid to increase employee engagement, American-Swedish clothing brand Gant has established a partnership with the digital workplace solution platform Yoobic, which sees 90 percent of its retail workforce use the technology.

The partnership is part of Gant’s strategy to drive sales conversions and improve operations within its frontline staff.

Gant has been working with Yoobic since 2020, initially focusing on streamlining its visual merchandising compliance.

The strengthening of the duo’s partnership has included new features for its retail staff, including the enhancement of its Yoobic-based training operations, which involves the Academy Social Club - a platform similar to social media that allows employees to share photos, news and participate in initiatives.

According to Yoobic, since the platform’s implementation, Gant has reported a 30 percent increase in completed training when compared to its previous partner, with 80 percent of retail employees using the platform from their personal mobile devices.

In a release, Fabrice Haiat, CEO and co-founder of Yoobic, commented: “By using mobile technology, and appropriately formatted content, Gant is empowering its frontline employees to connect with consumers beyond just a product transaction and create the powerful connections that drive long term loyalty and power repeat purchase.”

Gant’s retail network, which spans 70 countries and 600 stores, has been subject to an ongoing reinvention, with the goal of providing consumers with a wider scope of storytelling around brand values and heritage.