German e-tailer Lesara launches in 16 new countries

Berlin-based affordable fashion and lifestyle online retailer Lesara is continuing forward with its global expansion by launching into 16 new countries, including the UK and Ireland.

Lesara is currently active in six countries, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Italy. After Germany, which generates 60 percent of sales at the moment, Italy is the second strongest growth market. It is hoped by opening the company up to an additional 205 million potential customers that it will help push its growth forward with the goal of become a global brand.

"It was our goal from the very beginning to become a global brand for sought after fashion and lifestyle products at reasonable prices,” explains Roman Kirsch, founder and CEO of Lesara. "We have received lot of initial demand and positive feedback, in particular from the Scandinavian markets and the United Kingdom and we hope to grow significantly there.”

Kirsch added: “More specifically, the United Kingdom is not only the largest e-commerce market in Europe, but is also one open to companies that offer inexpensive fashion.”

Lesara launches it affordable fashion in the UK

In addition to the UK and Ireland, Lesara is also launching websites covering Spain, Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

This international expansion follows the relaunch of its website, which has been updated with a host of new features including allowing customers to create wish lists, see what other customers have recently purchased, as well as improved personalisation, with the aim of increase shoppers length of stay on the website as well as conversion rate.

Commenting on the technical update, Kirsch said: "In order to promote internationalisation and an internationally efficient scale, we have worked hard in the last few months to expand our technological platforms and logistic capacities.”

Currently the German fashion brand has around 3 million unique users per month, and it expects to grow significantly with the launches in the UK and across Scandinavia.

Founded in 2013, Lesara has become known for offering adorable fashion and lifestyle products, currently the online store offers more than 50,000 items. In September 2015, the e-tailer successfully completed a series B round of financing totalling 15 million euros led by an international consortium of investors headed by the Norwegian firm North Zone, which has assisted with this global expansion.

Image: Lesara website


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