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Giorgio Armani transforms flagship to include luxury residences

By Robyn Turk


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Armani is giving its Madison Avenue flagship a unique update. The luxury brand plans to redevelop the New York Giorgio Armani boutique at 760 Madison Avenue into a residence - while still maintaining its retail element.

The Armani Group has partnered with SL Green, New York’s largest commercial property owner to reimagine the 97 thousand square-foot building into a space that is both a boutique and an apartment building with 19 luxury residences.

The residences will not stand apart from the Giorgio Armani brand, however, as they will be designed by Armani. The designer plans to take up his own residence within the building upon its completion.

Giorgio Armani is no stranger to home decor; through his Armani/Casa line, the designer creates interior design items that translate the hallmark style of his clothing into functional yet elegant home pieces.

Architecture firm Cookfox has been commissioned for the project, aiming to design the building to reflect the evolution of the Armani brand. The building will evoke the historic streetscape of Madison Avenue and complement the aesthetic of its Upper East Side neighborhood. The building’s brick and limestone exterior will balance the existing neighborhood, while still including a series of outdoor terraces to create a visual connection to Central Park.

“New York is one of the world’s major fashion capitals, and Madison Avenue is by definition an iconic luxury location. In the 1980s, when I opened my first Giorgio Armani boutique in Manhattan, I chose this exclusive and refined area because it was perfect for the timeless elegance and attention to detail I wanted to communicate,” Armani said in a statement. “Today, thirty years later, I still believe this place reflects my philosophy and my aesthetic vision. With this special project, I continue the journey I began over ten years ago with my Armani/Casa Interior Design Studio, through which I look for innovative creative solutions that express my personal concept of luxury and refinement, while respecting the local culture and spirit.”

Giorgio Armani