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Gucci launches official store on JD.com

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Gucci launches digital flagship on JD.com Credits: JD.com

Italian fashion house Gucci has announced a digital partnership with Chinese e-commerce retailer JD.com to boost its presence in the region.

As part of the partnership, Gucci has launched an official digital flagship store on JD.com, marking the first time the Italian luxury brand has been accessible on the platform as it looks to enhance its shopping experiences within China.

The Gucci digital flagship will offer Chinese consumers the full range of Gucci brand services and products, including new-season ready-to-wear, handbags, travel, shoes, jewellery, watches, and accessories for men and women, as well as access to Gucci’s online client advisor service.

In a statement, JD.com said that the launch would help Gucci to “elevate shopping experiences that are tailored to the tastes of JD.com’s customer base and further explore the unique digital landscape of China using both brands’ respective technological strengths to set a new standard in online luxury shopping, expand their market reach, and pioneer original approaches to digital marketing”.

To celebrate the launch, Gucci will also participate in JD.com’s upcoming Chinese Valentine’s Day on August 22 by offering a selection of gifts featuring floral motifs, including a purse designed exclusively for JD.com customers.