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H&M introduces It's Pleat cafe concept to a brick and mortar store

By Robyn Turk


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H&M is expanding the customer experience in its brick and mortar stores. The international retailer has just introduced a concept cafe to its Westfield White city store in London.

Called It's Pleat, the cafe is the first H&M has introduced to London, yet the fourth globally. The brand's first cafe debuted in Stockholm last year. It's Pleat serves breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout store opening hours.

The H&M Group describes the It's Pleat cuisine as "health-ish." The menu encompasses pastries like cinnamon buns and banana breads, as well as signature salads and sandwiches.

“We think of our philosophy as a healthy-ish approach to food,” the cafe's managing director Ulrika Leveren told the Evening Standard. “Some days all you need is a healthy salad and coconut water, and sometimes only a slice of chocolate cake and a cappuccino will do the trick.”

In a time where shoppers can buy just about anything a store offers from the tap of a finger on a smartphone screen, It's Pleat works to give consumers another reason to enter a physical retail location. The in-store eatery also helps H&M to secure its standards of sustainability within the eyes of the consumer. It's Pleat's food packaging is decomposable, and the cafe plans to compost waste.

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