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H&M launches the first and only-in-store recycling machine

By Andrea Byrne


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Garment-to-garment recycling system, Looop, is opening in H&M’s Drottninggatan store in Stockholm on 12 October.

Looop uses a technique that dissembles and assembles old garments into new ones. It works by cleaning the garments and shredding them into fibres, then spinning that into new yarn which is then knitted into new fashion items.

Loop is enabled by the non-profit H&M foundation with The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA), its research partner.

“We are constantly exploring new technology and innovations to help transform the fashion industry as we are working to reduce the dependency on virgin resources.

“Getting customers on board is key to achieve real change and we are so excited to see what Looop will inspire," said Pascal Brun, head of sustainability at H&M, in a statement.

The system uses no water and no chemicals, which means it has a lower environmental impact than when producing garments from the beginning. However, some sustainably sourced materials need to be added during the process.

For 100 Swedish kronor, members of H&M’s loyalty club can watch Looop transform their old garments into new fashion items, and for non-members the fee is 150 Swedish kronor.

H&M was the first fashion retailer with a global garment collecting programme, which started in 2013. By 2030, the brand’s aim is for all its materials to be either recycled or sourced in a more sustainable way.

Photo credit: H&M

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