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Harrods launches new sustainable strategy for beauty department

By Alissa Schumacher


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Image: courtesy of Harrods

Department store Harrods launched a new sustainable strategy for its beauty department, giving customers the opportunity to return nail polish and fragrance bottles in order to recycle them.

These two products - both considered difficult to recycle - were chosen for a trial scheme of three months that started on January 14 in H beauty Milton Keynes.

“The launch of MyBeauty Recycle & Reward marks another incredible milestone for Harrods and H beauty,” said Mia Collins, head of beauty at Harrods, in a statement.

Customers contribute to the recycling of used bottles and get encouraged through offered benefits. Returning five empty products leads to reward points, exclusive offers, and service discounts.

In order to make that possible, Harrods will cooperate with the waste management and recycling company MYGroup. Following the mission to ‘recycle the unrecyclable’, the business offers an end-to-end recycling service for waste materials.

H beauty, Harrods’ regional beauty concept, currently has five stores in the UK that distribute traditional brands and newcomers. Being known for its immersive retail involvement, customers can additionally experience Skincare Stations and Playtables while also recycling other products like compacts or containers. The concept is being implemented in the H beauty store located in Milton Keynes, England.