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Hublot unveils new digital boutique

By Kristopher Fraser


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The power of luxury brands nowadays lies in their digital presence. Hublot, of course, has taken notice to this and has reimagined their digital stores to better align with their in-store level of customer service.

From a technological solution developed by the brand, Hublot's sales advisors can, in real-time, via an interactive terminal, offer customers a service that is identical to that existing in the physical boutiques. Basically, consumers can now get their answers in real-time when shopping online.

The idea is that if a client doesn't have a Hublot boutique or doesn't have the time to visit the store for an introduction, Hublot can offer the customer service experience remotely.

The process begins with the Hublot website, on which every customer can ask to be connected with the Hublot Digital Boutique. The client chooses the closest boutique and is either connected in real time with a manager at the chosen Boutique or schedules an appointment for a later date. Via FaceTime or Skype, the client makes contact with one of the sales advisors. From everywhere, the client can discover in real time, directly on his or her screen, the desired product presented live. Next, the customer is invited to visit the point of sale to continue the Hublot experience. This enables the client to take all the time necessary deciding to buy the desired watch.

While other brands and department stores have the option to connect with stylists via their website, this takes the process to a whole new level translating the digital shopping experience and guiding it to brick-and-mortar. Other retailers should take notice to this strategy in what has been a challenging environment for physical retail stores.

photo: courtesy of the brand