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Infographic - online shopping habits of British consumers

By Wendela van den Broek

29 Jul 2016

Did you know that Britain’s favourite time to shop is Monday evening? Or that the colour that was bought most is navy blue? The online buying behaviour of British consumers has now been mapped out by Stylight in a comprehensive report which can help inform business decisions in the digital fashion industry.

Stylight, a fashion aggregator founded in 2008 by four German students, has rounded up the online shopping habits of the British, with some surprising results.

Statistics show that 87 percent of Brits bought online at least once in the last three months. The age range most active online is the 25 to 34 demographic, with Millenials making up 27 percent of the UK population that spends 27 million pounds on retail.

The report also found that British Millenials will have spending power of 8.9 billion pounds in 2020. Over a quarter of this group buys an item the same day the find it. Meanwhile, women - who represent 73 percent of this market - are more likely to search for specific brand rather than immediately looking for a product, like men do.

Infographic: Stylight