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Just one in ten shoppers have finished Christmas shopping

By Andrea Byrne

26 Nov 2020


New research has revealed that just one in ten shoppers are “done and dusted” with their Christmas shopping.

‘Buy now, pay later’ payment service Klarna surveyed 2,000 Klarna users on an in-app survey about their Christmas shopping for this year.

The results revealed that 16 percent of shoppers plan to spend more on Christmas shopping this year, 31 percent intend to spend the same amount as other years and 43 percent are limiting their spending.

58 percent of shoppers plan to shop at small independent stores and 73 percent expect to purchase gifts at online-only retailers. With news of the re-opening of non-essential retail, 76 percent of shoppers plan to shop in physical stores.

When asked how their Christmas shopping is going, 64 percent of those surveyed said they have a long way to go and 25 percent are yet to start.

33 percent of respondents said they have worries about shopping online for gifts. Of those concerned, 45 percent are worried about the quality they will receive, 26 percent of customers worry if they are getting the best price and 16 percent are concerned about the security of shopping online.

In terms of delivery, 54 percent are anxious their item will not arrive on time, or at all, 25 percent generally fret over customer service and 40 percent are concerned about the returns process.

AJ Coyne, head of UK consumer marketing at Klarna, said in a statement: “It’s been a tough year for everyone, marked by uncertainty, and one in which people have spent limited time enjoying the company of their friends and family. This Christmas, it makes sense that we want to treat our loved ones to a gift they truly want.

“In conjunction with lockdown coming to an end, retail analysts are anticipating a surge in spending over the coming weeks. However it is more important than ever before that we are spending responsibly, and that shoppers have a sense of control over their personal finances this Christmas.”

Photo credit: Klarna