Kintsugi announces its company is to be split into two brands

Inclusive clothing company, Kintsugi, has announced its brand is to be split into two separate labels.

The company will now run a spin-off brand, K, Babe. Which will offer lifestyle products and t-shirts designed to be more accessible to disabled wearers.

K, Babe’s goals are to magnify disabled voices, increase the representation of disabled people and break stereotypes.

Emma McClelland, founder of Kintsugi, explained in a statement: "We created a few designs for the t-shirts initially in response to the #DisabledPeopleAreHot hashtag created by Andrew Gurza. Often, non-disabled people view disabled people as non-sexual. It's a societal perception problem we wished to change.”

The disabled pinup girl t-shirt line, each featuring a print of a fifties-style pinup with a visible impairment, was the driving force behind the decision to create a sister brand, as it jarred aesthetically with Kintsugi’s core collection.

McClelland concluded: “People want diversity. The more fashion reflects this, the better."

Photo credit: Kintsugi


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