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Kizik to debut first hands-free footwear store

By Rachel Douglass


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Kizik Roamer Glacier. Image: Kizik

Kizik has announced it will be launching its first retail store alongside seven new shoe styles, which will further showcase its hands-free footwear technology and freshly unveiled boot design.

Its plans were on display at CES 2023, where the brand hosted a booth and was also announced as the recipient of two CES Innovation Awards for two of its silhouettes.

According to a press release, the company, which offers shoes for men, women and children, saw rapid growth in 2022 following the introduction of its first hands-free shoe for kids and the launch of its Roamer series.

Kizik said its sales rose 270 percent year-over-year, selling over one million pairs of shoes over the period.

Furthermore, the company secured a 20 million dollar Series B funding round, led by The Newcastle Network, and was recognised via a number of awards, including from the National Parenting Center.

Speaking on its achievements, CEO of Kizik, Monte Deere, said: “2022 was an incredible year for the Kizik team, and we are extremely excited about our plans to grow the brand even more in 2023.

“Nothing compares to the first time someone tries on a pair of Kizik shoes. Our hands-free technology is so revolutionary that it elicits awesome reactions of amazement, and when our first retail store opens next year, it will be a game-changer for the footwear industry. Once you try a pair of Kizik hands-free shoes, it is hard to wear anything else.”

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