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La Perla reveals new fragrances, body care products, and makeup

By Alsha Coppolina


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La Perla, Facebook

Italian-based lingerie brand, La Perla has revealed it will launch beauty products including a range of fragrances, body care, and makeup.

The announcement follows the company’s establishment of a subsidiary dedicated to the beauty business in October 2019, called La Perla Beauty. La Perla and Revlon also ended their partnership in 2020.

La Perla Beauty chief executive officer, Peter Shaefer told WWD: “Now is a fantastic time to launch. The market is looking for something new and innovative. Also, it reflects a major shift within the mother brand itself, as it becomes more contemporary and [reaches] out to a greater audience.”

The Haute Perfumerie fragrances collection includes eight fragrances that are designed to reflect precious memories and moments. The line is also created using sustainable, natural ingredients and the fragrances come in refillable bottles.

“We wanted to create a ‘house of beauty’ - we call it internally - that is worthy of the La Perla artisanal heritage and unrivaled craftsmanship,” Stephanie Fitzgerald, La Perla’s senior vice president brand, product, and digital told WWD.

“It’s like the lingerie, [they’re] fragrances for the big and small moments in your life,” she added.

The brand announced on social media that the fragrance collection is available exclusively in La Perla boutiques. The color cosmetics line, which includes eight matte, long-lasting lipsticks is reportedly due out in mid-June.

La Perla