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Levi’s opens circular-focused concept store in Soho London

By Huw Hughes


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US denim label Levi’s has opened a new concept store in Soho London with a focus on sustainability and circularity.

The brand said the two-floor store will act as a “new blueprint for an in-store consumer experience”, and features a made-to-measure Lot No.1 bespoke denim service; Levi’s Vintage Clothing, a premium line creating new interpretations of archival pieces; and Levi’s Tailor Shop, the brand’s customisation and repair service.

The label is also introducing Levi’s by Levi’s, a new product solution made from entirely repaired, reimagined and recycled products from the brand, which will be exclusively available at the new store.

“We are delighted to announce the opening of Levi’s Haus, London. This unique concept store is the first of its kind within our retail portfolio and will serve as the new home for your every need when it comes to extending the life of your denim,” Richard Hurren, vice president of retail, Levi’s Europe, said in a statement.

“Whether it’s a simple patch repair by our tailors, or the chance to create something entirely new from your pre-loved Levi’s, there is something to suit every price point and every creative idea.”

Levi’s also announced this week the launch of its recommerce platform, SecondHand, which is a place for consumers to buy and sell preloved garments from the brand.

Photo credit: Levi’s

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