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Liverpool One outperforms UK retail sales in 2023

By Rachel Douglass


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Liverpool One aerial view. Image: Grosvenor

Liverpool One has begun 2023 on a promising note, with its operator Grosvenor reporting a 16.5 percent uplift in sales compared to the same period in 2022.

The significant uptick has outperformed that of the national average of 5.2 percent in sales, as recorded by the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

Not only that, but the retail destination also saw a 6.5 percent increase in its footfall for the year to date, with it further forecasting an 8 percent rise in the lead up to summer, when the European Song Contest will come to the city.

In a release, Iain Finlayson, estate director at Liverpool One, attributed the strong results to performance among the area’s stores, especially that of footwear, sports, leisure and beauty.

Finlayson added: “We have continued to strengthen not only the retail offering, but also brought new additions to our hospitality and leisure options, with cafes in particular outperforming the sales average.

“While we are still in a very challenging period as people become more cautious with their spending, we are optimistic of the expected boost from Eurovision, as well as remaining confident in our strong mix of brands and experiences to suit all budgets.

“With more brands preparing to open their doors at Liverpool One, the future looks bright in uncertain times for the UK.”

Liverpool One