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London-based bag brand Troubadour opens Soho flagship

By Huw Hughes

9 Jul 2021


Image: Troubadour

London-based bags and accessories brand Troubadour, which makes its products using a variety of sustainable and recycled materials, has chosen Soho as the location for its first brick-and-mortar store.

The 30 square metre space, located at 65 Beak Street, carries the brand’s entire collection and also features a service for repairing and trading in old bags to receive credit to put towards the purchase of a new one. The traded in bags will be refurbished and sold, or recycled.

The store was co-designed by British architecture firm Child Studio and also features interactive displays by London-based retail tech company, modist. Customers can place a bag on the display and see a video about the bag’s make, features, and how to pack it.
Co-founder Samuel Bail said the company made the decision in the middle of the pandemic to push forward with plans to open its first store after seeing growth through its online business. “The world was still shut, but we started seeing real growth in our online business and knew that we could create something special by bringing the online and offline worlds together,” Bail said in a release.

The second half of the co-founder duo, Abel Samet, said: “From the striking design, to the innovative tech, to the recycling program, this store is Troubadour. And we can’t wait to share it with customers new and old.”