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Love Not Landfill opens charity fashion pop-up

By Danielle Wightman-Stone



Image: courtesy of Love Not Landfill

Eco-fashion campaign Love Not Landfill has opened a charity fashion pop-up in London to promote pre-loved fashion and raise funds for the charities involved.

Located at Angel Central in London, the Love Not Landfill pop-up will run until November 14 and features “fashion-forward” collections from charity shops curated by influencers including Shannon Alexandra, Ismail Stewart, the Nova Twins and The Monica Way.

Sponsored by Vanish and Oxwash, this marks the third incarnation of the pre-loved fashion concept, and each influencer has worked with their partner charity, including Cancer Research UK, Crisis, Oxfam and Royal Trinity Hospice, to select up to 500 pieces from its donations to be sold at the pop-up with all profits going straight back to the charities.

This year also includes a special Love Not Landfill collection curated by Jake Edwards from clothes donated to Love Not Landfill exclusive Bambi-designed clothes banks.

The pop-up will also highlight eco-fashion and the climate emergency with noticeboards, knowledgeable staff and a workshop about making your clothes last longer.

Image: courtesy of Love Not Landfill

Olivia Shaw from the Love Not Landfill campaign said in a statement: “Don’t be fooled, the most sustainable clothes are the pieces you or someone else already own. The ‘buy it, wear it, throw it away’ fashion model is going out of fashion: rewear what you’ve got, donate or swap fashion and keep pieces in circulation.

“The trend of fast fashion brands “doing sustainability” with baby steps like recycling and conscious collections isn’t always as transparent as it needs to be, and very few fast fashion retailers are making changes fast and deep enough to have a meaningful impact. This is why we champion second-hand shopping.”

The Love Not Landfill is a non-profit campaign, run by ReLondon (previously London Waste and Recycling Board), to encourage fast fashion fans to buy second-hand, swap, recycle and give clothes to charity. The pop-up shop is open from November 11 to 14 at 1st Floor Angel Central, 21 Parkfield Street, London N1 0PS.

Image: courtesy of Love Not Landfill
Image: courtesy of Love Not Landfill
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