Marks and Spencer named “most authentic” British brand

Fashion, lifestyle and food retailer Marks and Spencer has been revealed as Britain’s “most authentic” brand, according to new research from Cohn and Wolfe’s Authentic 100 report.

The Authentic 100 survey determines which brands consumers hold in the highest esteem, using three descriptors: reliable—a brand delivers on promises; respectful—it treats customers well and protects data; and real—it communicates honestly and acts with integrity.

According to the findings, Marks and Spencer scored 92.33 out of 100, up from second place in last year’s study, with Boots (89.65), Amazon (88.53), Lego (88.31) and Dyson (87.6) completing the Top 5 “most authentic” brands in the UK.

Globally, technology companies dominated the “most authentic” brands, with Amazon scooping the overall honour, followed by Apple, Microsoft, Google and Paypal. With the top fashion and sportswear brand being Adidas in sixth place.

Other fashion and sportswear brands to be listed in the “authentic” 100 includes Rolex (11), Levi’s (26), Nike (32), Cartier (42), Louis Vuitton (65), Reebok (66), Tiffany & Co (69), Chanel (78), and Prada (98).

Amazon tops global “most authentic” brand in Cohn and Wolfe report

This marks the fifth global report in Cohn and Wolfe’s authentic brands series, which launched in 2012, and this year saw the study survey more than 15,000 consumers across 15 markets on their perceptions of more than 1,400 brands.

The research also revealed that just one in four people feel like brands can be trusted, with 62 percent of respondents globally adding that they would be more interested in buying from a brand or company they believe to be authentic.

In the UK, respondents revealed that they didn’t see social media sites as being authentic, with Facebook (52.55), Twitter (39.22), Snapchat (37.83) and Instagram (36.87) all scoring low, against a technology-sector average of 58.85.

Scott Wilson, Cohn and Wolfe’s UK chief executive officer said: “If people are convinced that you are authentic, our research shows they are more likely to listen, or purchase. Beyond that, they are more likely to recommend your brand to others – and to stick with you during times of crisis.

“This shows that authenticity is a key driver of reputation. And to be authentic, a brand must be reliable, respectful and real. Brands should consider how authentic they are and what they can do to be more authentic – the business benefits will be very real.”

Image: courtesy of Marks and Spencer


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