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Marks & Spencer expands activewear range to menswear and kidswear

By Huw Hughes

30 Dec 2020


Marks & Spencer is to expand its womenswear activewear range Goodmove in 2021 to include both kidswear and menswear, as the British retailer continues to increase its focus on more casual clothing.

Over half (52 percent) of Marks & Spencer’s customers have been wearing activewear more and more as everyday clothing, with a quarter (24 percent) citing its suitability for everyday use as one of the main reasons they buy activewear, according to the retailer.

Meanwhile, 80 percent of its customers say they want to get fitter in 2021.

Jill Stanton, Marks & Spencer’s womenswear and kidswear director, said in a statement: “2020 has cemented activewear as a staple in our wardrobes—we’ve worn it not just to workout but to work as well. By expanding Goodmove into mens and kids we want to continue to drive growth through a stylish and relevant product offer.

“Fabric quality & innovation remain at the heart of the range—from quick-dry fabrics to blackout leggings - which is part of what makes it such great value. During the pandemic lots of us got active outdoors with family & friends and our new offer is perfect for continuing that trend.”

Photo credit: Marks & Spencer