Missguided launches referral scheme

Online retailer Missguided is looking to drive new customer acquisitions by rewarding brand sharing with a referral scheme powered by Mention Me.

The refer-a-friend programme is targeting engaged Missguided customers who are “prolific users of social media” by giving them a platform to share their positive experiences of the brand and be rewarded.

It works by using Mention Me’s SaaS technology, which allows Missguided's customers to chat about their latest purchase and refer their friends to enter their name at the checkout to receive an offer.

Missguided head of customer relationship management, Nicola Fox, said: "We are constantly looking at how we can engage with our customers in their online journey. Having recently launched online reviews, referrals is the obvious next step to capitalise on our positive brand sentiment.

“The Mention Me solution enabled us to get up and running quickly and we love the "refer by name" functionality which makes it easy for referrals to become part of a natural conversation.”

Mention Me chief executive Andy Cockburn, added: "Missguided have a loyal engaged customer base, so referrals should naturally form a growing part of their marketing mix.”

Image: Missguided website


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