Fashion Blogger Mr. Bags, legally known as Tao Liang, is expanding his base and business beyond the luxury handbag market. On Monday, the influencer and entrepreneur unveiled his new project, Mr. Jewelry & Watch. The news was reported by WWD.

In China on the country's WeChat platform, the new account amassed 10,000 followers with an hour. The first article about iconic jewelry from 23 luxury brands had 50,000 views in 2 hours. Liang told WWD that the new venture will target female readers who, “have bought many luxury handbags and want to pursue something more precious and long-lasting.” The initial offerings will focus on the brand's classic collections and will expand to include seasonal and special collections.

Liang's goal is to educate those female customers who prize and covet the most high-end luxury handbags in the world about luxury jewelry and watch brands like Audemars Piguet, Omega, and IWC. Liang certainly has a strong audience as well. He's one of the most followed influencers in China, with his combined total of all his followers on all of his social media platforms totaling seven million. In addition, he also has an 18-person team under him.

While Liang is known for his collaborations with many luxury handbag brands, like Tod's and Givenchy, he has declined to reveal if he has any watch collaborations in the works, but did tell WWD that he is talking to a major e-commerce platform regarding a collaboration. If there anything like his past collaborations, they are sure to be a success. As online retailers begin to shift the luxury watch market to doing more e-commerce, sites like Mr. Jewelry and Watch stand to become imperative to business growth. Liang is known for being an influencer with a high customer conversion rate, not just aspirational viewers, so he is a safe return on investment.


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