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& Other Stories opens first Asia flagship

By Sara Ehlers


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& Other Stories, sister brand of H&M, has moved into new territory. The lifestyle brand just announced its first ever Asian flagship located in Seoul, South Korea.

& Other Stories announced that the company would reach Asia eventually in Apgujeong. The newly opened store spans approximately 7,100 square feet located in Seoul’s luxury shopping district. The location has three floors including a white exterior with a minimalist aesthetic. Because of Seoul’s fashion influence in South Korea, the city was a clear choice for the brand for a launch in the country. “When we started to look at potential openings and expansion, we felt that Korean women had such amazing style and are so fashion savvy,” public relations manager of & Other Stories Elke Kieft told WWD.

Although similar to H&M, the brand varies in style as well as in price points. With elevated prices and a more sophisticated style, the company ranges up to approximately 373 dollars compared to H&M’s lower-fared prices. The company currently has stores located in Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, Washington D.C., and New York. Worldwide, the country operates stores in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany and more. While & Other Stories continues to grow, it’ll be interesting to see if the company moves forward with more Asia flagships.

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