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Over a third of clothing to be bought online by 2026

By Danielle Wightman-Stone



More than a third, 34 percent, of clothing sold in the UK will be bought online by 2026, up from 20 percent in 2015, according to new figures from retail data analyst CACI.

Fashion isn’t the only category that will see a jump in online revenue, 34 percent of leisure goods will be sold via e-commerce, up from 24 percent in 2015, and furniture and larger electrical will also increase to 23 percent from 13 percent.

CACI consulting partner, Paul Langston, said: “Clothing and footwear has come to the party later – and cynics, including me, never thought it would take off to the level that it has. But those who thought everyone would always want to touch, feel and try on clothes forgot how successful clothing catalogues used to be.

“The combination of the three elements of consumer benefits, technological advances and improved services, none of which were good enough in the early days of internet shopping are now aligning well for clothing and footwear.”

Langston added: “There is no point having a great website, great stores and great delivery if you still can’t easily return unwanted product. Retailers need to use the new found data they have on customers in a smart way to make the most of every contact they have with them. This means presenting and promoting the most appropriate products online, in communications and in stores.”

CACI reveals that click-and-collect remains a vital part of the seamless retail experience for those who have store networks, as it has found that it assists in making additional sales when you get the customers to collect their items.

Image: Asos website