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Queues cost the UK economy 3.4 billion pounds each year

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Long queues cost British retailers up to 3.4 billion pounds a year, according to new research from Qudini, a London-based SaaS customer experience management platform offering queue management and appointment booking software to retailers.

The research has revealed that retailers lost 10 percent of footfall due to queues and wait time in store, with 26 percent of customers who walk out of stores due to long waiting times and poor customer service will discontinue their purchase completely.

If the average loss of footfall is 10 percent, and the national average spend of a retail customer is 39.72 pounds per visit, then UK retailers in aggregate lose a total of 15 billion pounds in potential sales each year due to walkouts from their stores, states Qudini.

The research also reveals that while some customers might turn to competitor stores or the internet to continue their purchase, on average 26 percent of customers will discontinue their purchase journey entirely, costing the UK economy approximately 3.4 billion pounds in potential revenue.

Commenting on the findings, Imogen Wethered, chief executive of Qudini, said: “With online now allowing consumers to have more choice, convenience and cheaper prices, they have become increasingly impatient and demanding within bricks-and-mortar retail stores.

“They expect retailers to deliver a superior service and in-store experience. Poor customer experience and long waiting times are no longer acceptable. As a result, retailers need to ensure that they are reviewing key customer pain points and integrating the right technologies and solutions.”

Wethered added: “What this shows is that retailers need to shift their focus from being transaction focused to being service based and looking to their stores as experiential hubs. Hopefully, this research will have identified the areas where retailers can make improvements to enhance the customer experience.”