Sustainable womenswear brand Reformation launched an innovative new campaign called Carbon is Canceled. The campaign uses retail credits to incentivize consumers to opt for renewable energy options in their homes.

Reformation partnered with Arcadia Power and Native energy for the initiative, as a measure to show its shoppers that they can offset their carbon footprints in simple ways. Shoppers can switch their electric bills to Arcadia Power's wind energy through Reformation's e-commerce site, and in return receive store credit worth 100 dollars. It would cost participants nothing to offset 50 percent of its energy to wind power, or about 10 dollars per month to switch 100 percent to wind power.

As an alternative, Reformation's shoppers can purchase "climate credits" NativeEnergy using Reformation's site. These credits support renewable energy and forestry projects aimed to offset carbon offset. There are five "climate credit" options available through Reformation, which range from 60 to 400 dollars in cost.

The brand said that 25 percent of greenhouse gasses come from electric power in the United States, and is using Carbon is Canceled campaign to make a difference, and show its shoppers how to make a difference for the environment.


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