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Revolve partners with Donde to enhance search


Revolve partners with Donde to enhance search

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

1 Aug 2019

Revolve has teamed up with software company Donde to make their product discovery more visual and intuitive with new technology that enables customers to find outfits by simply clicking icons that represent the features they want in an outfit.

Donde Search technology was developed to transform the online shopping experience as the visual product discovery tool, which allows shoppers to click icons to find their perfect look, ranging from the length and fit of a skirt to the neckline or sleeve style of a shirt.

While classic visual search requires users to upload an image of a product they are looking for, Donde automates that whole process, simplifying the search and navigation to help users shop the way they think visually, meaning that they can search for products based on how they actually look, rather than be limited to their knowledge of fashion terminology when searching.

Donde AI-powered Visual Discovery technology not only helps shoppers, but it also benefits the retailer across multiple parts of the business, including automating merchandising processes and product enrichment, with retailers being able to upload new catalogue items faster and enrich their data for an enhanced discovery.

During a trial of the new software, ahead of a full launch, Revolve states that in a controlled AB-test it measured statistically significant increases in conversion rates ranging from 11 to 16 percent in their dresses, tops and pants categories.

Michael Mente, co-founder and chief executive of Revolve said in a statement: “As the leading fashion retailer for millennials, visual discovery is critical to providing an authentic online shopping experience. We are taking the guesswork out of shopping for our customers.”

Grace Hong, vice president of product and design of Revolve, added: “If our customer does not have a way to find what she likes, she’s likely to move on to the next app or site vying for her attention. It’s absolutely necessary to enable her an intuitive discovery and find what she wants in a few taps, and this partnership with Donde makes that experience not only possible but seamless.”

Liat Zakay, founder and chief executive of Donde said “Revolve has quickly become one of the premiere trendsetters and its high-end, fashion-centric customers want to find the specific items they are looking for as fast as possible.

“We are excited to partner with innovative retailers like Revolve who react to their consumers’ online behaviour and share our vision of making Visual Discovery the standard for the shopping experience.”