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Royal Mail to temporarily offer free Parcel Collect service

By Huw Hughes

30 Mar 2021


Royal Mail is to offer free parcel pick-ups from customers’ homes in the coming weeks across the UK.

From now until 30 May, the company will collect up to five parcels a day for free, on top of postage, from consumers using its Parcel Collect service.

The Parcel Collect service was launched back in October 2020 and usually includes a pick-up charge of 72p for a parcel or 60p for a return item.

“The introduction of Parcel Collect has been incredibly successful,” said Royal Mail chief commercial officer Nick Landon in a release.

“This promotion is an opportunity for all consumers across the UK to try out this fantastic service free of charge. Parcel Collect is part of our commitment to continuously make our services more convenient as we re-invent the way we deliver to and from our customers.”

It comes as the company looks to step up its offering in the increasingly-competitive parcels market which has been turbocharged in the past year by an unprecedented amount of online shopping.

Earlier this month, Royal Mail announced it would be trialling a Sunday parcel delivery service for major retailers as it eyes a seven-day delivery week to cater to customer demand.

Image: Royal Mail