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Running brand On open flagship in New York

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Swiss high-performance running brand On has opened its first flagship store in New York City offering an “explorative, immersive and tech-driven approach to shopping”.

Located at 363 Lafayette Street in New York, the On global flagship aims to usher in the future of retail with a design-centric and technologically driven approach to the in-store consumer experience.

The On NYC store centres around an innovative ‘Magic Wall,’ which spans nearly the store’s length and height at 62 x 9 x 3 foot. As well as being striking in both appearance and technological capabilities, the front side of the ‘Magic Wall’ allows shoppers to analyse their running styles in seconds right on the store floor using hidden gait-cycle analysis technology. Shoppers need to only run a few strides to get instantly matched with the best shoes for their individual running style.

This is combined with a custom-built invisible foot scanner with depth cameras that achieve an accuracy of +/- 1.25mm, meaning that shoppers receive not only the perfect model recommendations but also their perfect size. The technology will run alongside On’s team of running expert store advisors who are available to facilitate and recommend styles.

The back of the ‘Magic Wall’ enables shoppers to explore and try on the entirety of the On shoe collection, with the store carrying every model and size. Once a customer has selected a pair of trainers, when they arrive at the checkout, an advisor brings out a fresh pair to facilitate a seamless, contactless purchase.

The approach the Swiss running brand states will revolutionise shoe shopping, while also eliminating time spent waiting to receive sizes, allow for more “valuable interaction” to learn from On’s expert store advisors, as well as keep the store tidier.

Swiss high-performance running brand On unveils first global flagship store

Behind the ‘Magic Wall,’ changing rooms are available to test On’s growing apparel collection. The customer experience continues in the changing rooms with shoppers feeling like they are in the Swiss Alps thanks to the signature Alpine scent and complementing sounds.

On also celebrate its Swiss and outdoor roots by including a life-size, 3D-printed boulder on the way out, which has been scanned directly from the Engadin Valley in the Swiss Alps.

To find out more about any touchpoint or product in the store, including how the boulder was made, shoppers can simply hold their smartphones to the object for instant access to more information using NFC technology.

Commenting on the opening, On co-founder David Allemann, said in a statement: “Ten years ago, we set out to revolutionise the running experience. Now, we’ve reinvented the retail experience.

“With design and technology at the forefront, On NYC will empower shoppers to engage with our products in an entirely new way. This year more than ever, people have found solace and joy in running. That’s why, in many ways, there has never been a better time for us to open our first global flagship store in a city that we’re confident will remain the shopping capital of the world.”

As well as being a retail destination to showcase the brand’s footwear and apparel lines, the store will also serve as a seasonal hub for the local running community where runners of all kinds can safely gather to run together and see the latest products from the brand.

Images: courtesy of On

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