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Selfridges launches in-store well-being and retail therapy project

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Selfridges

In keeping with its 2022 creative theme Superfutures, Selfridges has launched a well-being project, Superself, offering online and offline shoppers the opportunity for “self-discovery” through personal innovations and self-care projects.

Superself activations will include Retail Therapy and coaching experiences in partnership with Stack World, for which shoppers can book everything from breathwork sessions to sex therapy to take part in at the store or online. ‘A Safe Trip’ sensory pods by Sensiks will also be available in physical stores, offering a multi-sensory experiences that aim to optimise mental wellbeing.

Product curations will also be prominent throughout Selfridges, with lifestyle and beauty solutions to be available throughout the course of 2022 and beyond. Vitamin brands and several other treatment offers will be launched through the retailer, including an in-store hair salon and The Light Salon, which specialises in skin conditions and insomnia.

To complement the initiative, the department store’s Oxford Street window will feature a resident artist, Juliette Minchin, who will create a ‘work in progress’ installation over four days in February.

Further initiatives to be part of the project include a run club, ritual healthcare remedies, live music and empowering messages available through QR codes.

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