Seven for all Mankind introducing new tailorless flared jeans

New York - Seven for all Mankind is capitalizing on the tailorless jeans trend, and sensibly so. The jeans brand that can be found in every department store from Macy's to Saks Fifth Avenue will be introducing a new line of tailorless flared jeans for fall and holiday 2015. The line is specifically designed for women of average height so they don't have to worry about having the flare of their jeans hemmed.

One of the problems with the flared fit is that the industry standard for the inseam on jeans is 35 inches, but that specification is meant for a woman who is 5'9'', perfect for the runway girls, not so perfect for you average American woman who is 5'4''. Switching to petites wouldn't solve this problem for women of average height either, because petites are designed for women 5'3'' and below. This has left the majority of American women with the problem of not being able to buy flared jeans that don't require tailoring, and most people don't want to go through all the trouble of having their clothes tailored unless they find something they feel they couldn't live without.

Flared jeans turning into a major money maker for Seven for all Mankind

Seven's new flared jeans will come with a 32 or 33 inch inseam, potentially eliminating the need for tailoring all together (Tailorless, as they are calling it) or for women between 5'2'' and 5'4'' it could reduce the amount of hemming needed by a tailor preserving the integrity of the flare (Tailor less.) The trend in women's jeans right now is the wider leg, with women calling for more of a relaxed fit in their jeans. Flare jeans accounted for 5 percent of Seven's business last year, and that number is only expected to increase with their new Tailorless jeans style this year.

Barry Miguel, the president of Seven for all Mankind, told WWD that he expects the new flare jeans to make up about 35 percent of their flare jeans business this year. The fall collection will hit retail stores in August, while the Holiday collection will hit stores in October. Price points for the line range from 189 dollars to 215 dollars.

The tailorless assortment contains three different styles; A-Pocket in Slim Illusion Tried and True Blue, Dojo in Lake Blue, and Ginger in Royal Broken Twill. An additional four styles will be introduced for holiday, including Ginger with Released Hem in Bright Light Broken Twill, Dojo in Pretty Light Vintage, Pintuck Trouser in Sweet Light Indigo, and True Rinsed.

The best part about Seven's new tailorless style is it will allow for many more shoe options, so, you can have your choice of a boot, wedge, or heel. Gone are those days where a flared jean meant you either need a very high heel, or a shoe offering that gave you enough elevation so you wouldn't be tripping over the hem of your jeans. Seven has made the flared jean more functional, a dream come true for many flared jeans fans.



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