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Stella McCartney opens new flagship store at 23 Old Bond Street


By Vivian Hendriksz

13 Jun 2018

Stella McCartney officially opened her latest flagship store London on Tuesday evening. Located at 23 Old Bond Street the new 700 square meter store reflects the luxury brand's approach to design, innovation and sustainability.

The British designer hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the official opening of the store, which included friends of the brand such as Kylie Minogue, Kate Moss and Mindy Kaling. Officially opening its door to the public today, the new global flagship store offers all the brand's product categories including women's and men's ready-to-wear, accessories, lingerie, swimwear, childrenswear and eyewear.

Stella McCartney marks the opening of her latest global flagship store

The new store has been designed with customised experiences at its centre, offering customers new, unique and multi-sensory ways to engage with the brand's world. Designed by Stella McCartney and her team, the new store replaces the previous store at Bruton Street, which first opened its doors to the public 15 years ago.

"Old Bond street, it’s probably one of the most prestigious retail locations in the world," said Stella McCartney in a statement. "And for me being born and bred in London and having our business headquarters there and design studio, it’s an incredible honour for us. This store really tells the story of the World of Stella McCartney; incorporating sustainability, fashion and luxury."

The store's interior has been architecturally designed to evolve with the collections; Featuring artistic, graphics and sound installations, customers will be able to engage with the brand in a new way. In addition, Stella McCartney has made every effort to use more handmade, organic and sustainably sourced elements in its new store design, in line with the brand's commitment to sustainability.

For example, the new store is the first indoor commercial space in London to feature Airlabs, offering the cleanest air possible. Handmade papier-mache, recycled from the brand's office paper waste has been transformed into bespoke decorative panels which decorate the wall of the women's wear first floor. Stella McCartney's playful spirit is also evident throughout the new store, seen in Stella's signature cruelty-free pink Fur-Free-Fue materials which have been repurposed to line the walls of the store's 'Stellavator.'

The new global flagship store also features a 'Members and Non-Members Only' club, which is hidden behind a concealed door on the second floor of the store. A customisable space, it will house the designer's personal family photos and furniture, offering customers the chance to connect even further with the designer and her brand in an intimate and personal setting. 'M&NMO' will also feature various events, exhibitions and activities as well, next to one-off surprise experience.

23 Old Bond Street will also see the launch the brand’s new loyalty program allowing for a more personalised engagement with current and future clients. The move sees the luxury brand focus on offering amplified in-store services, including personalization on select key items, styling consultation and by appointment shopping. The store opening on Old Bond Street marks a new phase in the brand's ongoing retail expansion push, following on from the store openings last year in New York, Paris and South Coast Plaza.

Stella McCartney currently operates 53 standalone stores across the world.

Photos: Courtesy of Stella McCartney