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Sustainable fashion marketplace Dayrize launches

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

16 Aug 2021


Image: courtesy of Dayrize

New cleantech startup Dayrize has launched a marketplace for sustainable products featuring an assessment tool to help consumers make informed decisions on a product’s environmental impact.

Described as “revolutionary,” the proprietary sustainability assessment tool rapidly and robustly assesses the environmental impact of any product sold on the website “in minutes instead of months,” alongside ensuring that every vendor on the site is fully transparent about their sustainability credentials.

Each product is given a ‘Dayrize Score’ through an evaluation across five key pillars for the entire product cycle, from raw material extraction to disposal. This aims to provide a holistic assessment of the products sustainability performance, allowing shoppers to easily compare the sustainability of all products within the marketplace without leaving the platform. It uses artificial intelligence to analyse product sourcing, manufacturing information and various relevant datasets to robustly assess and standardise the environmental impact of any product on the site.

Dayrize to help consumers buy sustainably with new marketplace

The ‘Dayrize Score’, developed by a team of scientists, is based on the principle that a truly sustainable product (a score of 100) is one that fulfils a meaningful purpose, is designed in a circular manner, is non-hazardous, responsibly sourced, fully recyclable, and regenerative.

The score takes into account circularity, how well an individual product minimises waste by reusing and recycling resources to create a closed-loop system, as well as climate impact, looking at how greenhouse gas-intensive the production of the product has been, and ecosystem impact to see what the impact of the product is on biodiversity and water depletion.

Image: courtesy of Dayrize

In addition, it looks at how each product impacts the health and wellbeing of the people involved in creating it and how meaningful a product’s purpose is by looking at the value that it provides and the potential it has to be an accelerator for good.

Dayrize was created to meet the needs of a growing conscious consumer base wishing to buy sustainable products but find it difficult to locate trusted marketplaces that sell them, explained the start-up, as well as make sense of the many labels and claims on the environmental performance of products and companies.

Dayrize to help online shoppers make informed decisions on a product’s environmental impact

Shoppers on the Dayrize website will also be able to see their ‘Dayrize Savings’ to understand the difference their individual purchase choices have on the planet. For each purchase, shoppers will see how much CO2, water, and land use has been saved by their purchasing decisions.

Vincent Hoogduijn, Dayrize chief executive and co-founder, said in a statement: “Most people have the intention to shop sustainably but have sadly been underserved by the confusing process of assessing the true impact their purchase has on the planet. Through greenwashing, many brands have further added to the confusion and inadvertently created a sense of cynicism in many shoppers.

“At Dayrize, we wanted to make the process of assessing the sustainability of a product accurate and easy to understand for the average consumer. We’ve done the rigorous legwork of building a ground-breaking standard that simplifies and democratises sustainable shopping. We hope by doing this, people can begin to see how making small changes in their purchasing habits can add up to huge differences for our planet.”

Image: courtesy of Dayrize

Dayrize looking to democratise sustainability

Along with helping consumers make better-informed decisions to buy more sustainably, the cleantech start-up, is also helping its brand partners by offering ongoing knowledge and insights on methods to improve the sustainability of their products and raise their ‘Dayrize Score’.

Dayrize will provide brands that can’t afford to conduct complex and costly product Life Cycle Assessments with information on the environmental impact of their products and actionable feedback on how to improve their sourcing and production.

In addition, Dayrize will also be reinvesting 5 percent of its annual profits to support its brand partners in redesigning their products and value chains to lower their impact.

Dayrize marketplace features clothing, accessories and footwear for women and men, health and beauty, and homeware. Fashion brands featured include Aqua and Rock, Komodo, Loop Cashmere, Up-Fuse, Swole Panda, Meander Apparel, Lauren Razek, and Rejean Denim.

Image: courtesy of Dayrize
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