launches cost-per-wear calculator to encourage more considered purchases

Age-inclusive online independent fashion boutique has launched a cost-per-wear Calculator across all its products to encourage its customers to more carefully consider the purchases they make.

The calculator allows customers to divide the price of the item they are considering buying by the number of times they think they will wear it; a simple concept that the company hopes will “encourage a considered and mindful approach to the ethics of the purchase.”

Founder of Jacynth Bassett said in a statement: “To break the fast fashion cycle, we advocate buying fewer items overall and instead investing in quality garments that will last longer. As Dame Vivienne Westwood puts it: “Buy less, Choose well, Make it Last”. But it can still be difficult to know when something will be a worthwhile investment or not. So actively calculating a garment's cost per wear is a good measure of its sustainability value. That way you can curate a tight knit wardrobe that you will get maximum use out of, and limit waste. I’m not aware of any other retailers offering this tool.

“The purpose of the cost-per-wear calculator also fits in line with's focus on age-inclusivity. By curating ageless, quality collections, not only are our customers investing in pieces for themselves, but they can be enjoyed by their mothers and daughters too."

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