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Togetherband opens pop-up on Regent Street

By Rachel Douglass

12 Nov 2021


Image: Togetherband

Sustainable fashion brand Togetherband has opened an interactive pop-up store on Regent Street, London, as part of its ‘Clean Power’ campaign.

Among eye-catching artwork and flags by the artist Morag Myerscough, the store features Clean Power’s 100 percent recycled merchandise, including four t-shirts utilising Myerscough artwork. The Togetherwear range will also be stocked, from t-shirts to tote bags stocked and ready to purchase.

A bracelet selection will also be available in 17 different colours representing different UN Global Goals. The bands will are to support artisan employment in Nepal.

Over the next few months, the store will host a series of talks from leading experts and campaigners centred around the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Image: Togetherband

“Our latest pop-up, in partnership with The Crown Estate, aligns with the launch of our new climate action plan and COP26,” said Matthew Green, a cabinet member of business, licensing and planning at Westminster City Council, in a statement.

He continued: “Its objective is important - to help people learn more about their impact on the climate and raise funds for climate action through the purchase of truly sustainable products. Being visually prominent on Regent Street with a compelling cause and unique in-store experience, I am confident it will help with our ongoing efforts to continue attracting people back to the area.”

The ongoing ‘Clean Power’ initiative aims to highlight the vital importance of renewable energy and building a greener future, supporting the international drive to bring carbon dioxide emissions to net zero by 2050.

Coinciding with the current United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), the brand has also unveiled a series of art installations around Glasgow that hope to raise awareness for the issue, with QR codes stationed at each location leading to an informative page on the initiative at hand. The event will travel throughout the UK after November, with a total of 100 flags to finally culminate along Regent Street in March 2022.