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Topman to relaunch house brands as part of Autumn 2019 strategy

By Huw Hughes


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Topman has outlined a new strategy for Autumn 2019 which will see it relaunch its in-house brands and reduce its pricing structure by 10 percent.

The Arcadia-owned group announced it will re-launch a number of in-house brands helmed by its recently-appointed trading director, Mitch Hughes. Eleven new concession brands including Hermano and Marshall Artist will also be added to the retailer, and it will expand its leisurewear category - taking it to a fifth of the total business.

On the sustainability front, the retailer has pledged that Topman’s denim will be made from 100 percent organic cotton by summer 2020.

Topman will also be launching Topman Big and Tall, as well as Topman Premium, Signature and LTD ranges in line with customer demand.

Commenting on the new plans in a statement, Hughes said: “Our aim is to constantly improve the Topman experience; we are taking more responsibility when it comes to our people, product and planet. We are extending our size offering through our Big and Tall ranges, developing more fashion, leisure and suiting lines and have reduced our pricing structure by 10 percent. This month sees Topman launch on ASOS.com, and over the coming year we will continue to build on our wholesale partnerships so we are accessible to even more customers on a global scale.”

Photos courtesy of the brand