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Two shopping centres become first in UK to achieve net zero carbon status

By Rachel Douglass


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Gloucester Quays, L&P Peel. Image: Aver PR

Quayside MediaCity in Salford and Gloucester Quays have been named as the first UK retail destinations to achieve ‘Net Zero Carbon – Operational Energy’, in line with UKGBC’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings Framework.

In light of the achievement, the two shopping centres join a number of buildings operated by real estate firm Peel L&P to have achieved net zero carbon status.

In 2021, the company’s assets were transferred to a 100 percent renewable energy tariff linked to wind farms, in an effort to reduce carbon emissions across its property portfolio.

At the retail outlets, energy efficiency initiatives have also included upgrading lighting systems across all spaces, such as public areas, food courts and advertising signage.

In a release, Jo Holden, Peel L&P’s sustainability and ESG director, said the achievement was a “huge milestone” for the company, showing how serious it was in taking action to reduce emissions throughout the business.

Holden continued: “Net zero carbon status has really driven our energy team and everyone around the business to seek out ways of using less energy and more renewable sources.

“The impact on our carbon emissions has been far-reaching and the effort of our people shouldn’t be under-estimated.

“But it is our ambition to build on this and make our properties even more resilient to climate change, which is why we were so proud to have 18 buildings verified at the end of 2022, including two key retail centres.”

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