Two strikes and you’re out, is how UK consumers are rating poor customer service, according to new research from ContactEngine, as it states that 44 percent of British shoppers are less tolerant of bad customers service than they were three years ago.

The survey of more than 2,000 UK consumers carried out by YouGov revealed that 56 percent would never use a company again after just two bad experiences, while 79 percent stated that they would never give a company more than three chances.

Scottish consumers were the least tolerant, with 52 percent less tolerant of poor customer service than three years ago, and 58 percent would only give a company up to two chances.

Overall, only six percent of Brits considered themselves to be more tolerant.

When asked what annoys them the most, consumers unanimously agreed on three things: rude or incompetent staff; having to repeat queries after being passed between different people or departments; and taking the day off for an expected delivery – only for it not to arrive.

Retired consumers are the least tolerant of poor customer service. One in four would tolerate just one poor experience before never using them again, while 40 percent would give only two chances.

“This research provides fascinating insight into the challenges facing businesses,” said Dr. Mark K. Smith, chief executive of ContactEngine. “Consumers today are more empowered than ever, and as a result, have very little patience for poor customer services. Organisations need to re-think how they engage with customers – give them a couple of bad experiences and you’ve potentially lost a loyal customer for good. The trick is to be able to account for all possibilities, something that most businesses tend to ignore.”


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