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UK shoppers rate retail experiences “merely average”

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Only 40 percent of UK shoppers think their favourite retailers provide a good or great customer experience and accurately anticipate their needs, according to new research commissioned by data-driven marketing technology company Zeta Global.

The survey of more than 3,000 consumers by Sapio Research about their shopping preferences and experiences found that nearly half (48 percent) of respondents considered their retail experience to be “merely average”, while a further 11 percent believe that their favourite shops provide poor service, meaning that they have to shop around as a result.

In addition, the data reveals that 81 percent of UK consumers said they are more likely to go on to buy if a store recognises them as a previous customer and offers relevant discounts, while two-fifths of shoppers would be less inclined to shop around if they received a personalised service, and 63 percent of UK shoppers have bought items as a direct result of a communication from a retailer.

However, the research also notes that customers have high service expectations of retailers and 87 percent of those polled expect an answer back within 24 hours from a store following a complaint.

Jill Brittlebank, senior director, strategy and analytics of Zeta Global said: “Clearly, retailers continue to face challenges in being able to acknowledge their customers and understand how they interact with the brand – online, in a physical location, or when they interact through social media. Retailers need to be able to spot these interactions and acknowledge quickly, or there is a real risk that time-pressured and demanding UK shoppers will take their customer to retailers that can.

“This research highlights just how critical it has become for stores to understand their customers, and put this knowledge systematically to work throughout their organisations to enhance customer service, experience, and engagement. If this doesn’t happen, they will lose ground to competitors.”

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