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Uniqlo raises UK staff pay by 7 percent

By Rachel Douglass


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Uniqlo store in Beijing Credits: Fast Retailing Co. Ltd.

Uniqlo has reportedly announced that it will be increasing the wages of its UK retail staff by 7 percent alongside the introduction of new employee benefits.

For store employees, hourly pay will therefore increase from the current 11.40 pounds to 12.15 pounds, while London-based staff will see an uptick from 12.40 pounds to 13.15 pounds, according to Retail Week.

This is Uniqlo’s second pay increase in the past two years, reflecting a 29 percent boost to annual pay.

The raise will coincide with a refreshed set of employee benefits for employees, including the introduction of an equal pay scheme for parents leaving for the birth or adoption of a child, the increase of annual leave allowance to 34 days and a 300 pound annual net pay towards clothing.

Speaking to the media outlet, Uniqlo’s chief operating officer Alessandro Dudech confirmed the shift, noting: “The reason why we’ve done this first and foremost is really to show our commitment to employee wellbeing.

“For Uniqlo, our employees are our most valuable assets, so by investing in a salary increase and a series of enhanced employee benefits, we hope to ensure our staff feel valued and motivated to really contribute to the company’s success.”