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Vagabond Shoemakers expand U.S. e-commerce with exclusive Need Supply Co. collection

By Robyn Turk

17 Sept 2019


Swedish footwear brand Vagabond Shoemakers is expanding its digital presence in the U.S. market later this month. It will launch an online concept store in the country, as well as an exclusive collection through e-commerce retailer Need Supply Co. on September 25.

The women's shoe brand has prioritized building a consumer-base in the U.S. market since its beginning. Its products are currently available through retailers including Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters and Asos, with further e-commerce strategy will continue this growth.

"We are focusing heavily on the UK and US now," Vagabond Shoemakers co-founder and creative director Marie Nilsson Peterzén told FashionUnited in an interview last week. "Germany and Scandinavia are still our strongest. We started off in Germany, so we are very well known there, and we have steady distribution there. We also think that having a strong foundation there has set the standard a bit - if you work with Germany you must really deliver, and we deliver."

Helping to widen its reach within the U.S., Vagabond Shoemakers is teaming with Need Supply Co. for its first collection under its new line, Atelier by Vagabond. This collection will represent the upscale end of the brand's offerings. The seven-piece collection will retail exclusively through Need Supply Co., with items priced between 240 and 395 dollars.

The collection will include boots speaking to three key current trends: 1990's nostalgia, western and sport. "Atelier by Vagabond sums up our love for everlasting style and quality. It is a mini collection inspired by our own archives from the 1990’s” creative director and co-founder Marie Nilsson Peterzén said in a statement emailed to FashionUnited.

Atelier by Vagabond showcases the art of shoemaking, highlighting the brand's history and knowledge. The products in the line are of a premium quality, intended for a perceptive customer, while retaining Vagabond's fashion forward approach.

Images: courtesy of Michele Marie PR