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Verifyt a 3D scanning app could reduce online returns for brands

By Tess Stenzel


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Via Pexels

NetVirta, an American-based software company, has released its 3D scanning app called Verifyt, aimed at helping apparel and footwear brands reduce online returns, increase conversions and give consumers a more personalized shopping experience.

The app is available on smartphones and enables consumers to take pictures of themself to create and share precision 3D models of themselves with brands to receive personalized size recommendations.

The app continues to be the first FDA cleared smartphone technology for 3D body shape scanning. It is already used in the medical industry and sports equipment industry by providing custom-fit gear to athletes. Now the company said they are positioned to support fashion brands and the retail sector.

“Accuracy is one of the most important criteria in selecting a fit-technology that reduces return rates,” stated Bjorn Bengtsson, professor at Parsons School of Fashion, in a release.

“I have tried many smartphone-based solutions, and the Verifyt app is the most accurate so far. The fact that their solution has a solid history in the medical field and other industries is a clear indicator of its potential excellence in body scanning for the apparel industry.”

According to the company, the average online return rate is 35 percent. “The Verifyt app and size recommendation engine ensures customers need only ship one size to themselves. This can help prevent bracketing, a growing practice in fashion where consumers ship themselves multiple sizes and return those that don’t fit, which is unsustainable from a cost and waste perspective,” said the company.

Jeff Chen, founder, and CEO of NetVirta, added: “We strive to help the fashion industry with our proven technology platform. Our app provides brands an unprecedented ability to personalize the fit of their products for any consumer, anywhere.”

“After two years of tireless iteration to perfect our solution, with guidance from several fashion brands, we are ready to offer our solution to the industry at large. Joint announcements with several of the largest footwear and apparel brands in the USA, Europe, and Asia will be announced soon, so we envision this move as a global play.”

The app is slated to launch in May.