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Victoria’s Secret opens first full assortment store in the Netherlands as part of European retail expansion

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Victoria's Secret

Global lingerie label Victoria’s Secret has opened a new megastore in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, as part of the brand’s European retail expansion and development of its global presence. Located on the ground floor of Koningsplein 2, a historical building in the heart of Amsterdam’s busy shopping quarter, the new store stretches over 1,400 square meters and reflects the label’s distinct character, complete with its signature pink and black colour scheme.

It will be the first Victoria’s Secret store in the Netherlands to offer the brand’s full assortment, including its new maternity range that launched earlier this year. Additionally, its beauty selection, nightwear and fitness collections are among the expansive range, as well as the logo-adorned shine strap lingerie, a customer favourite according to retail staff.

The launch follows that of its earlier opening at the Westfield Mall of Leidschendam, what could be considered the brand’s trial run in the country. The decision stemmed from the observation of retail group Amarla, which oversees the label’s franchise, noting a particular demand for the brand from the feedback of the previous store - a surprising conclusion considering Dutch women are not known to be lingerie enthusiasts.

The saying “Eén aan het lijf, één in de was, één in de kast” (translated to: One on the body, one in the wash, one in the closet), suggesting women only own three bras, comes to mind. However, according to Amarla’s brand managing director, Denise Provins, 70 percent of sales from the Westfield location were for bras.

The excitement was truly evident in the launch, yesterday evening, where a selection of 50 influencers advanced on the location accompanied by two followers of their choosing. Gift vouchers and attentive staff - some presenting sushi, some distributing bright pink cocktails - encouraged shopping, while guests were offered free bra fittings by on-hand trained experts, a complimentary feature that will continue for regular customers. There was enthusiasm all around.

Amarla additionally operates Bath & Body Works, another new addition to the group’s roster, also opening its first Netherlands store in April in the Westfield Mall location. The organisation now owns a total of 15 stores and is looking to continue the expansion of its franchises, which already hold prominent places in the Scandinavian, Greek and Swiss markets. However, it is not yet clear where Victoria’s Secret will pop up next.

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